Colombian Foreign Trade Minister Jorge Humberto Botero said Colombians can be assured that there will be the right supply of generic and cheap medicines.

They’ll negotiate the hard ones first

The Secretary-General of the Andean Community, Allan Wagner, argued in Lima that the Andean Employment Conference, convened for next October, is an exceptional opportunity.

Bogota, Colprensa. – The US negotiating team accepted its Andean counterpart’s proposal to begin the process of negotiations for a free trade agreement with the most complex issues.

This is how the items related to intellectual property, electronic commerce and dispute settlement were put on the table, which were added to the treaties on the day last Monday where texts for market access, rules of origin, telecommunications, investment, safeguards, environment and tariff preferences, cooperation and bilateral affairs began to be discussed.

The head of the Colombian Negotiating Team, Hernando José Gómez, said that while no discussion is expected in this round, the idea is to be able to advance in identifying the most contentious points and achieving better coordination with the Andeans.

“Colombians are well aware that the Treaty will bring new export and import opportunities for the country and in that sense it is seen that, according to the plan that had been established with the Andeans, the discussion was initiated at the different tables, with the agendas proposed by Colombia, and where it was basically prioritized what were the issues that we wanted to deal with in each of the issues of the negotiation” Gomez said.

Active Congressmen

While the ‘next quarter’ leadership is held by the private sector, Atlanta was in Atlanta a prominent participation of the congressmen who traveled to accompany the negotiating team.

Senator Piedad Zucardi noted that the meeting is practically preparing the texts for the third round (july 26-30), which will take place in Lima. According to the parliamentarian, the proposal by the Andean negotiating teams to give way first to the most complex issues, it was also well received by their colleagues who believe that given the time limitation it is better to ensure a good process for the most exposed issues.

Today starts Exposinú Agro y Insumos

Montería. From today until Saturday, June 19, it is held on the premises of Hotel Sinú, Exposinú Agro and Insumos.
According to the manager of the Sinú Hotel and organizer of the event, Carlos Moreno Moreno, in the commercial exhibition farmers and ranchers of the region will be able to have a meeting point with local and other city suppliers.
During the fair the organizers have scheduled the launch of the magazine specialized in the agricultural sector “Agriculture of the Americas” of Media & Media Editors.
Likewise, the Colombian Association of Breeders of Avestruces organized a workshop as part of the attractions of the event.
The day starts at 10:00 in the morning with the conference “Ganaderías Cordobesa 2004, by the president of the Federation of Cattlemen of Córdoba (Ganacor), Alfredo García.
In the afternoon hours- (2:00 p.m.) the topic called “Soil Management for Pastures” will be discussed by Ivan Dario Bustamante.
At 4:00 p.m. Enrique Saavedra will refer to the “Population Abundance of Insects in New Varieties of Rice”.
Tomorrow the central theme from 10:00 a.m. will be the Meat and Milk Production System by Gabriel Jaime Jaramillo.
In the afternoon hours, 2:00 p.m. Lino Torregrosa will refer to the “Efficient meat production in the Sinú Valley.
Likewise, Banco Agrario has scheduled, from 4:00 in the afternoon, a day of Tax and Administrative Update.
The schedule ends on Saturday with a conference on the “Present and the Future of the Creole Boar Races” and The Horned Costeño.


Motocampo in Montería

To support agricultural development and deliver energy solutions to the region came to this motocampo city. The most complete line in nogueira brand agricultural machinery, Brazilian technology, such as balers, harvesters, feeders, grinders, grinders, farmers, sowers will find the farmers of Córdoba in Motocampo who opened their offices in the race 2a No.45-423. You can also find gasoline, electric, power plants, motor pumps, electropumps, manual and motorized back sprayers, stationary piston or membrane sprayers, water washers, compressors. Likewise, there is a complete Diesel line with stationary engines, power plants, motor pumps and fumigators. Our products are from the Honda, Efco, Enermax and Ecomax brands recognized for the backup in spare parts, service and warranty.

Special Auction in Unigan

Next Sunday, June 27 Unigan will hold the large finisher of red and white Brahman bulls where receiving heifers will be auctioned for the transfer of pregnant embryos and brahman. Unigan guarantees that the quality that has always been required in animals will be present on this day. High-tech heifers like those in the area will be shown. Animals must have the tests required by the ICA for this type of competition.

Apartahotel Campanario

A new air in terms of lodging is what it feels like in the Apartahotel Campanario that from April allows you to enjoy those who arrive there from a country air near the city. The tranquility of the place is complemented by the possibility of enjoying a swim with the pool of the place. Very comfortable and affordable accommodation with a first class care that includes breakfast. The cottages have air conditioning, telephone, private bathroom, closet. Also those arriving at the Apartahotel Campanario, located at 41 No.14A-13, have access to the restaurant service that is provided until 8:00 at night.

Uribe ruled for massacre in La Gabarra

They tied us up like dogs: survivor

La Gabarra, North Santander. General rejection has received the incursion of the Farc in this region of the country, where 34 scrapes, people dedicated to scraping the coca leaf, were slaughtered.

One of the survivors of the macabre scene narrated as he and his companions were tied up and thrown their faces on the floor and then the killers unloaded their weapons on their bodies.

Although the first versions indicate that the guerrilla group was 30, one of the survivors said that at the site where they were sleeping only five arrived.

Survivor narrates

“Only a few were saved. They, the killers, gave the women and two men five minutes to escape and tell the story.”

Benedict says he prayed to blessed souls, while breathing the smell of blood running down the floor by soaking his head. Stacked among the bodies of his companions, playing dead, he was able to save himself.

He was hit by only one bullet that went under his armpit, from all the ones who spat out the weapons, in bursts, that wiped out the other 34 lives. And although he felt he died with the wails and entreaties of others, he preferred to stand still. All massacred, hands tied behind their backs, “tied up like a dog and thrown up facing the floor,” he said angrily.

Amid the chiaroscuro of the morning, Benito could only see about five or six young men in military uniform and modern weaponry who told him and his companions to be blind, deaf and mute if he wanted to live.

44 thousand hectares of illicit crops exist in the Catatumbo.

“Stand up and don’t go run because whoever runs we kill,” says the guerrillas said. Apparently the order was to kill them all. When it all happened, he had the strength and courage to ask the neighbors to come up and pick up other wounded. He soon picked up a canoe bound for a health center in La Gabarra.

Strong pronouncement of the President

Expressing his rejection of the massacre of 34 people in La Gabarra, Norte de Santander, for part of the Farc, the President of the Republic, Alvaro Uribe Vélez has just questioned the NGO Amnesty International (AI).

The Head of State Amnesty International has used his good name to accuse the public force and mistreat it without any basis. “There are international amnesty actions that resemble the actions of terrorists. For not denouncing AI, terrorists have been allowed to be legitimized,” the representative said during a police stop at the Escuela General Santander.

“Here, for saving appearances, in so many decades we have let terrorism mistreat Colombians, by keeping hypocritical rules of courtesy and not having the courage to denounce Amnesty International, we have allowed them to legitimize terrorism internationally,” Uribe Vélez said.

The Army deviated research

Bogotá. An operation allegedly orchestrated by the Army to conceal evidence to clarify the events that occurred in the municipality of Guaitarilla, Nariño, in which seven policemen and four civilians were killed, Senator Luis Elmer Arenas denounced.

In his intervention, the Senator assured that “the crime scene was altered by the military and that the Das and the military attempted to mount the investigation.”
The congressman made the revelations during a debate in the plenary of the Senate of the Republic, where the Minister of Defense, Jorge Humberto Uribe Echavarría, attended; the commander of the Military Forces, General Carlos Alberto Ospina; the commander of the Army, General Martín Orlando Carreño; The Deputy Attorney General of the Nation, Andrés Ramirez and the solicitor Edgardo Maya Villazón.

According to the facts reported by Arenas Parra, members of the Army attempted to deflect research into the facts to hide the real circumstances in which the confrontation occurred between a patrol of the Boyacá Battalion and a group of the Gaula de Pasto, on March 19.

The Police and Army reportedly acted on separate reports to the two forces, provided by members of a criminal organization known as the Tiritingos.
Arenas presented recordings with the testimonies of some of the survivors.

According to evidence compiled by Senator Arenas, including testimony from the survivors, some members of the criminal gang informed the military of the existence of a cocaine lab that was to be stolen by an armed rifle gang.”

The gaula agents and army patrol were found at the time of the Gaula and Army patrols. Officers identified the property and called for a ceasefire and were apparently topped. Later, there were other bursts to hit the vehicles, Senator Arenas said in the debate.

The bodies of the victims, revealed the congressman’s complaint, were stripped of their manned weapons, bulletproof vests and clothing. He also claimed that the bodies were moved and the weapons next to him did not match those they received at the time of their departure. “That they were shot, I have no doubt,” Arenas said of the fate of the fatal victims.


In his reply, Defense Minister Jorge Alberto Uribe stated that “I am not so irresponsible to make judgments that could interfere with the investigations of the Military Criminal Justice and the Office of the Attorney General,” and questioned the fact that the session released evidence as irrefutable facts. He added that his silence in front of the subject will be indefinite as long as he is unsure of what happened in Guaitarilla.

The Minister called Arenas’ presentation shocking but unacceptable.


Free Irish, but

Bogotá. Niall Connolly, James Monaghan and Martin McCauley, the three Irish members linked to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the Farc, were released on bail last Tuesday night. However, foreigners will not be able to leave the country until the Superior District Court resolves their acquittal that was appealed in the second instance. The Irish were acquitted by a judge last April, but decided not to leave prison because they did not have the security guarantees they requested from the government. The three foreigners were captured in August 2001, after arriving in the former de-escalation zone, after being appointed to train the Farc guerrillas in explosive handling and terrorist tactics. “We think it’s unfair that they have to stay in this country. They are in real difficulty and dangerous circumstances,” said the Irish’ defense.

One hundred years of conviction

Bogotá. The Specialized Third Criminal Judge of Villavicencio sentenced to a hundred years in prison three people found guilty of the extortive abduction of Lithuanian boy Vitys Karanauzcas Cioderis. The conviction was imposed against Mary Noralba Cano Pedraza, Blanca Yamile Vergara Jaimes and Rubiela Sánchez Useche for their involvement in the abduction of the minor. Cano Pedraza and Vergara Jaimes were each sentenced to 384 months in prison and a fine of 18 thousand 571 legal minimum monthly wages in force. Sánchez Useche was sentenced to 408 months in prison and a fine of 27,500 monthly legal minimum wages, the Attorney General’s Office reported. Vitys Karanauzcas, 3, was abducted in Villavicencio on April 1, 2003, while transporting on a school bus from his home to the school garden. On April 8, 2003, the GAULA de la Policía rescued the child in the Castilla de Bogotá neighborhood.

Medical stop at St. Jerome’s Hospital

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Doctors also indicated that although they have always been willing to collaborate with the hospital, at this time they are in a situation of despair, since many of them depend exclusively on their work in the San Jerónimo, so at this stage they have been forced to exhaust their savings resources in order to fulfill their obligations.

On the other hand, the surgeon Ricardo Balcázar, assured that several of the Galenos have already started to lose some of their properties and in the case of young people who are just starting to work, have not been able to take off as professionals, so he called the situation a social problem.
The doctor also regretted having to resort as a pressure mechanism to be recognized for their work, to refuse to provide the services for which they prepared for so many years in a university, indicating that they have no choice.

For his part, the manager of the Hospital, Jesús Jiménez Isaza has always taken responsibility for the arrears with the medical bodies to the ARS and epS, entities to which he accuses of delaying the payment processes for services provided that they must make to the Saint Jerome.


The crisis in the hospital arises just as the second stage of the meritocracy process begins to choose the new Manager of the care center, because as it is known, since yesterday the registrations for those interested in occupying the position in place of Jesús Jiménez Isaza are open, who has repeatedly confirmed that he will register his resume because he is interested in continuing to the front of the hospital , considering that you have the merits to do so.
According to Jiménez Isaza, in what is going on in his period almost all the goals have been met but still a long way to go and he always likes to conclude what begins.

Synod of Bishops

Monsignor to Rome

Montería. The Bishop of the Diocese of Monteria, Monsignor Julio César Vidal Ortiz, will travel at the end of this month to Rome with the aim of being present at a World Synod of Bishops.

Although the Diocese of Montería has not officially disclosed the information, it was known from a good source that the Prelate will also attend accompanied by Monsignor Edgar de Jesús García.

The World Synod of Bishops will be held in the Vatican and consists of a meeting of all prelates to discuss issues of interest of the Catholic religion.
The Synod is the ancient name given to councils, it is an assembly of ecclesiastics who meet to study the affairs related to the Dioceses.